New Year, New Kasey!


Every January 1st, we get a fresh start- a turning of a new leaf. For most of us, this milestone will introduce new ideas and goals, or maybe provide an opportunity to take another stab at a previous one. Regardless, the new year gives us a chance to better ourselves; a chance to meet new people, accomplish goals, or take a leap of faith- a chance to do anything.. quite literally. The phrase “New year, new me” is often mocked, but it is still applicable to new year traditions that continue today- for example, making resolutions for the new year. Many feel pressured to pursue the phrase “new year, new me” regardless of how important it is or isn’t to them, and it can lead to stress, and feeling guilty when you can’t complete goals you thought you could. In the end, those who celebrate are thinking of ways to improve this year in comparison to past ones, and a highly practiced way to achieve that is with resolutions and goals. 

Kasey Walsh, a Ferris University student, joined Spring Lake High School’s team on January 9th as a student teacher in Ms. Schanhal’s biology classes. She has been taking steps to be able to fully take over the class in her 5th week student teaching, and her transition and interactions have been very positive so far. Kasey is undergoing a very big development in her career, and she is doing everything she can to keep herself on track, and to help make good habits for the end of this year, when she plans to have her own class. “Teaching a class- it is hard, but it is ultimately rewarding. Getting to know students on a personal level, and helping them get to where they want to be in the future..” says Kasey. 

In past years, Kasey has participated in making new year resolutions and goals, but she is sure to not be too strict on herself, “I don’t want to set myself up for failure,”. Kasey says that she has recognized that many people will make big goals, be good and on top of them for a couple of weeks, and then it dissolves into them going back to where they started; however, Kasey can still see the importance of setting future goals- especially with where she is now.

“If I keep my goals on my mind, and aren’t too hard on myself, I know I have the discipline to be able to follow through with them” she says. This year, she plans to focus on being more organized, and productive. She understands that, with her future position, there will always be something that could disrupt the flow of her life outside of work; Kasey recognizes the struggle of other teachers whose personal and work life mesh together too often, and she knows that separating the two will be a big obstacle for her. 

Kasey likes to keep a planner, that acts as a checklist, to keep herself organized, “At the end of the day, I know it’s okay that I didn’t complete everything and I can give myself time at the end of the day..”. Although she is sure not to be too strict on herself, Kasey is firm about not falling too behind on her tasks, “Those things will snowball into something even harder to deal with” she acknowledges. Since Kasey wants to jump start her career as soon as she graduates, she keeps every skill she has learned with her, so that she can continue to grow, and eventually flourish. 

A word of advice from Kasey to help you reach your goals: “One of the biggest things is you need to be prepared for things to not go your way, if you expect things to just work out and go all fine and dandy then you are most likely psyching yourself out.” she insists “It isn’t always about reaching goals, things will happen in life that will take you off track. One of the best things you can do to stay on track is being organized and looking ahead.” Kasey concludes. 

Reaching your goals will never be as easy as a resolution, but rather continuous action must be taken. There are things in your life that will derail you, obstacles that you won’t be prepared for, so it is important to be flexible and self-accountable. Kasey Walsh is a perfect example of how you can apply and prepare yourself for what you want to achieve, and how to be comfortable and confident on your journey. New Year’s are a great excuse to become a better version of yourself- if you do it in the way that works best for you.