Caps and Gowns; What’s new?


Brook Blausey, Reporter

As the seniors in the class of 2023 prepare for graduation, Spring Lake High School prepares to set changes to the graduation ceremony. This year for the first time in the history of the school both boys and girls graduating will wear the same color cap and gown as they walk the stage to accept their diploma. Schools all over the country have now implemented these new gender-neutral cap and gown protocols for graduations. Schools aim the goal for these caps and gowns so that all students look the same and that all students no matter what they classify as can feel included. This is making it easier for all students including those who do not identify with either color. Having just one color eliminates several limitations for students. 

However, this change in some schools hasn’t gone so smoothly. Some students who are experiencing this change in their graduates aren’t a fan. Some of these students feel that it is their right to choose what color they get to wear at their ceremony and that tradition throughout their schools shouldn’t be messed with. Some of these students have even gone so far as to make a petition to get rid of these changes in their schools. 

In past year’s graduation ceremonies at Spring Lake High School girls wore white caps and gowns while the boys wore red caps and gowns. However, this year with the new guidelines all students participating in the ceremony are expected to wear red caps and gowns on May 21st, and when students were placing the order for these caps and gowns, there was only one color option for them to order from. Unlike the other schools though, at Spring Lake the tradition seems to be going smoothly and there has yet to be any petitions against this change.