Spring Lake Marching Band Sets School Record


Maxim Chalupa , Reporter

Since it was founded in 1959 by Director Harold Luoma, the Spring Lake Band Department has rocked its community with its fantastic array of bands. From concert bands, all the way to jazz and the Laker Marching Band, many people appraise the level of skill and talent the students perform with. Without fail, they blow us all away every year.

The Marching Band, weighing in at a whopping 132 pieces, is a sight to behold. They work long, tiring hours to bring us a brand-new show every year, and each year the show only gets better. This year was no exception to this rule. With a top score of 93.1 out of 100 with last year’s show “Dark as Night,” the band knew they would dominate this year, and they did. The band’s final competition of the year was last Saturday at East Kentwood High School. Performing late in the afternoon, the band took the field with this year’s show, entitled “Welcome to The Carnival,” which featured Incantation And Dance, A La Lune, A Million Dreams, and Karn Evil 9, their phenomenal closer. Earning caption awards in marching, music, and percussion, it was an early sign of their fantastic win.

In class B competition, where Spring Lake’s student population falls, the band took first in class with a stunning 97.3 of 100; a near perfect score. When they heard that they took first in class the band was excited, jumping about in anticipation for the overall scoring. 

As the class A and AA scores were announced, the excitement grew. As the scores for Portage Central and the prestigious Vicksburg were announced, they fell short of our 97.3. “It was honestly kind of crazy that we beat Portage Central,” said Junior Graham Gibson. “It was mind-blowing knowing we beat such a large band.” Graham wasn’t the only player feeling the excitement, everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the final band’s score.

Grand Ledge, a large AA band, was the final obstacle between Spring Lake and being the grand champion of the East Kentwood invitational. 98.4 was their final score, stealing the coveted title that the band so badly strived to earn. Second place would have to do. However, that wasn’t the end of their victories. A student from the band whispered to their friend: ‘Hey, we got a new record score!’. Quickly, the news spread across the band. Everyone was wondering: was it true? Did they really set a new high score? 

They got their answer Monday. Confirmed by directors Mark Grevengoed and Mike Truzkowski, they announced that the previous record of 94.5 (set back during the 2018 to 2019 “Love” show) had been smashed.

Though many senior members lament the arrival of their end in the band, everyone agreed that adding their names to the history books with the fantastic 97.4 was the perfect way to end their four years with the Spring Lake Marching Band.