The Laker Magazine Comes to Life


Adriana Zamarron, Reporter

One year ago, Adriana Zamarron, the leader and creator of The Laker Magazine, had a brilliant idea to bring together creative people and create a digital magazine. She discussed the idea with the 2021-2022 Publication class, and they loved the idea. Since she is taking over the Laker Anchor next year, this would be the perfect way to add her own spin to the newspaper! 

Catching up to this year, the club has officially been produced (originally known as the Fashion Club) and, even though it had a slow start, has blossomed! They have 6 main leaders, all with different roles: Cici Cutler and Nikhil Joshi who both overlook the club as a whole with Adriana; Graham Gibson (Head Graphic Designer); Charlise Carlson (Head Creative Director); and Kait Andrews (Social Media Manager).

While shopping with her mom in Grand Haven, Adriana ran into this vintage clothing store, Fluid; she had heard of the shop before and was eager to finally check out the awesome clothing and accessories that they had. She fell in love with the store and immediately introduced herself to the owner, Lana, excited to see who was responsible for this beautiful manifestation of a clothing store. They hit it off, and suddenly Adriana found herself asking to take a photoshoot advertising the store; it would be a perfect opportunity for her team while also benefiting the business! Little did she know, that not only was Lana more than happy to let them take the shoot, but also Lana’s daughter, Addie Kwiatkowski, is a part of The Laker Magazine themself! 

Adriana was so excited to finally see what was once just an idea finally being put to work! The following week she purchased all the equipment necessary for the photo shoot and began to schedule the entire photo shoot with Lana, her teacher advisors, and Mr. Armey to have it excused as a School Sponsored Event, so they could go during the school day. Since The Laker Magazine club has quite a few members, Adriana was puzzled about who to bring at first and how to coordinate it and make it fair, but she decided that it would be productive and smart to have only the leaders come for the first shoot, so they could get to know the equipment and process to later on lead these photoshoots, all together!

Just three days after starting to organize the event, Adriana and her team leaders were on their way to Fluid to take their very first photoshoot! They arrived and immediately got to work setting up equipment and coordinating outfits for the photoshoot. Each leader picked out their own outfit, and worked with one another to style them. “We look so good,” is something you would’ve heard walking into the store. 

 “The photoshoot went better than I ever could have imagined,” said Adriana. “We had a great group of people who were all eager to participate, and Lana was very helpful and generous! There were so many ways that could have gone, but needless to say, I am so proud of what prospired on Friday. I think that the images speak for themselves when saying that we have created a space for the best types of people: creative, respectful, constructive, and eager to get in front of, or behind, that camera.”