Happiness at Helen Devos: Spring Lake Hosts Light Night


Zoe Dull, Reporter

On December 14th, a part of the student body took a trip to Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. Be Nice and Interact partnered up to bring about 100 students on two buses. 

After the bus ride up, the students walked a few blocks to the sidewalk across from the hospital. When we arrived, we found a spot and waited for the action. Some people were passing out flashlights, and light-up wands. The Grinch was spotted and then it was 8 o’clock. 

The first people to turn on their lights were the trucks standing by, the sirens turned on and that was our cue. We all turned on our flashlights, as did the kids in the hospital. It was the kind of experience that really touches you.

 A few of the rooms had the lights on, and you could see the little kids jumping up and down while waving their wands.

 Brianna Kirby, a sophomore, attended the trip and when asked about the experience said, “I feel really touched because I can tell the kids are happy.” The whole point of the trip was for the kids in the hospital. Making them happy means it was a success.

 When asked if the trip had a positive impact, Emma Nicles, a senior and leader of Be Nice said one word, “Yes.” On the bus ride back there wasn’t silence, everyone had a story too share about what they felt. I could barely hear my seat partner telling hers. Hopefully this trip goes on in future years, so these kids can see more and more people supporting them on their recovery journey. Overall, in the words of Laini Furton, “I’m glad our school came together too put on this event.”