Detriments of Excessive Screen Time


Sarah Sevener, Reporter


Phones have seemingly taken over our world. They are present in our home lives, in the classroom, and everywhere we look. So how should we manage it, and is there a “right way”?

Phones have more recently taken the spotlight as one of the most popular ways to self-numb. Whether that is binging Netflix, scrolling aimlessly on Tik Tok, or reading the comments on a post, our screens offer an escape from our reality, but not one that is always positive. 50% of teens have reported feeling addicted to their phones, and 30% of families say they argue about this topic on a regular basis.  

And, these hold reason. The excessive use of mobile devices has caused a severe detriment to the ability of our generation to focus and maintain a normal level of social awareness. Because we have been glued to our phones, it is almost as if we cannot survive without them. The more time we spend on screens, the less time we spend interacting with others, making it hard for even adults to make meaningful connections. 

If we want to reserve the effects of excessive media consumption, it starts at the source. Most health officials recommend that screen time is kept to less than two hours a day, something that I am sure most teenagers and adults surpass. Setting limits to screen time is not only important for health today, but for the longevity of our society. If we don’t begin to make real changes now, the problem will continue to worsen, and we will culture a generation that only knows technology. 

So, what are the remedies? First, being conscious consumers. Knowing why you are on social media, whether there is a purpose, or because you are bored. Being able to separate the two proves to be an effective way to minimize screen time. Also, setting limits within your phone adds a degree of success in combating screen time. 

While it is true that technology has offered our society irreplaceable great aspects, the negative effects of social media and all things related have proven to outweigh the positives in this situation.,