Lakeshore Dance Team: GH and SL Combine


Izzy Geyer, Reporter

The Spring Lake dance team decided to join forces with the Grand Haven dance team this year.  This created the new Lakeshore Dance Team. By combining the two teams, it gave a stronger presence at competitions. The Grand Haven team’s coach had just retired, so they needed a new coach. Spring Lake’s coach helped find a replacement.  I had the opportunity to interview the coaches of both teams, Heather Boomgarder, SL coach, and Tyler Plets, GH coach. In the summer of 2022, they discussed plans of joining teams. 

      Dance team mothers came to Heather in the summer and asked her if she could help hire a head coach for the Grand Haven dance team. Their former advisor moved on because her daughter graduated from Grand Haven High School. They wanted Heather to assist and regroup GH in order to stay as a team. This year, the Grand Haven Dance Team gained a new head Varsity coach. Her name is Tyler Plets. Growing up on the Eastside of Michigan, Tyler trained competitively at Dancer’s Edge Studio in Shelby twp. For 15 years. Tyler has had skilled training in multiple dance techniques. Tyler has also earned multiple UDA National titles and her 5 World Champion titles for “The Dance Worlds”. After graduating in 2019, she moved to the west side to attend Grand Valley State University and started training in the Urban dance scene. 

   “When hearing about the open coaching position at Grand Haven, I knew I had to take the opportunity!” Tyler says. “I am so grateful to Heather for seeing my potential and letting me work with all these amazing dancers!”


    Coach Heather Bomgarner brainstormed the idea of joining teams because SL had a smaller team as well as Grand Haven so she thought the teams should compete together. Heather got the idea at a leadership seminar when she heard that other teams were co-oping with Grand Haven. Heather says “It was a great idea because everyone knows each other, the Dance World is small and all the dancers would love it!” 

    We all did! I had the privilege of talking to a few of the girls on the team Ava Britton, Gabby Juhasz, and Lilly Martinez. 

Ava Britton stated that the team is awesome. Although dance is a very challenging sport, the team always reminds each other why we’re there, to dance and have fun! The connection we all have with each other is like nothing else. Everyone is so close with each other and we’re all like sisters. The team brings an energy that is addicting to be around because there are some girls who are just hilarious. 

   Gabby Juhasz,  I like joining teams because it’s a great way to meet new people and get involved with a sport or activity. It’s also amazing to be surrounded by people who are constantly encouraging you and pushing you to do your best.

     Lilly Marinez stated that she likes joining teams because your teammates become best friends. Joining a team helps you adjust to changes and deal with confrontation. The show must go on and you learn to work as a family.

     The best thing about joining teams is that the level of talent is unreal! Not to mention, the amount of love and support we all have for each other is so special. It’s one of the most uplifting and encouraging teams I’ve seen in a while. We have been given an insane amount of opportunities thus far, and there are still so many more to come in the rest of the season!