Exploring Skills in Fashion

Exploring Skills in Fashion

Looking into the world of Fashion, we are inspired by the creative people surrounding it. Not only them, but also their passion, their expression, and their creations that encapsulate their character! There are so many skills related to fashion, and people around our community are exploring them!

Probably the most well-known skill when it comes to fashion is sewing; although, over the years this skill is something seen less and less in everyday life. Tons of people are interested, but maybe think it’s expensive or too hard- when in reality it is very achievable. Starting with the basics, all you need is a needle, some thread, and some fabric (even an old t-shirt). Making pencil pouches and sewing patches onto a bland piece of clothing is an awesome way to start!

Simple sewing can be very time consuming so, if you or a parent/grandparent/friend have a sewing machine, that is something that can take your possibilities to a whole other level! Using any type of fabric you buy or have lying around to make things of endless possibilities! Socks, skirts, pj sets, or anything that comes to mind.

Don’t know where to start? Take a piece of clothing you maybe don’t like the look of, but that fits well, and cut it at all the seams to get a template to start with! Cut your fabric to the size of each template (with some room for seam allowance) and sew them together to get a hand-made work of art that you can wear! These projects will get better with practice and can take some time to complete, yet they are completely worth it in the end!

A less well-known form of self-expression through fashion is embroidery. Embroidery is the art of making images or patterns on fabric using a thick thread called embroidery floss. Embroidery floss comes in every color you can think of, and (depending on your skill) you can make any pattern/image imaginable! Alexis Dill, a sophomore at SLHS, has been practicing this skill for 2 years! She first started with her grandma, and soon developed a love for it on her own! She enjoys making projects and taking her time customizing her look, for example, she has embroidered her jean pockets and soon her backpack! “If you’re the kind of person who enjoys repetitive activity then embroidery is for you…Once you learn the stitches it’s really easy to get the hang of.” says Alexis. There are tons of online resources to help learning the stitches (different embroidery types that give certain looks) and designs! Following how-to videos or at least having an idea in mind to start is very important and helpful to beginners and experts!

Crocheting is a fascinating skill in fashion, and it is on the uprise of popularity! You have definitely seen it on your tiktok for you page, and maybe you have tried it out! If you haven’t, there is still plenty of time to pick up on this impressive, and fun skill. Sam Priddy, a sophomore at SLHS, started crocheting with his Dad. Sam’s Dad had done it when he was younger, and wanted to introduce the skill to him. Crocheting became something that Sam and his Dad bonded over, and soon it was something he began to practice on his own; however, he doesn’t usually do it for the end result or project, but rather uses it as a repetitive activity to fidget and have fun with which helps with his autism! Sam says that crocheting is something anyone can pick up, but it does take some practice. “Take it slow, start with the basics, and then make yourself comfortable with your skills before you overwhelm yourself with projects.” is Sam’s tip for new beginners.

At the end of the day, these are just a couple of the many ‘fashion’ skills that exist; there are plenty more such as quilting, and even just having an ‘eye for fashion’. All of these skills are fun and challenging, but overtime your skills will progress, and you could be surprised by the things you can make with few materials and a lot of creativity! For anyone who would describe themself as creative (whether or not you like fashion), it would be a great idea to pick up one of these skills (or any other you are interested in)!