Funny Hall Passes: Which Ones Have You Seen?

Funny Hall Passes: Which Ones Have You Seen?

Isabelle Sandy, Reporter

This year, administration started to crack down on having a hall pass. However, this only encouraged the use of some amusing bathroom and hall passes. Whether they are used because students took all of the paper passes, or just for laughs these passes are guaranteed to get you some silly looks on your journey through the halls.

For example, Mr. Reed, the Earth Science and Psychology teacher, asks his students to take an old trophy when they leave his class. He jokingly says that this is a tactic he uses to perturb his students from leaving class mid-lesson. This trophy only gets cleaned by students who ask to do so. Meanwhile, it is taken into the school bathrooms by several students each day.

When asked how he thinks fun hall passes create a better culture in schools, he said, “They are a great way to have fun that doesn’t harm anybody or anything”. He also said that at the school he used to teach at, his hall pass was a fake arm, so “that trophy is nothing,”.

Over in Mr. Reinhard’s class, Physics and Foundations of Chemistry & Physics, he allows his students to take wooden cars. While passing each other in the hallway, students can know what class the other is from just by looking at their pass.

These touches of personality show that straying from the traditional paper pass can help to bring some fun into the classroom!