SLHS Choir in the Big Apple


Abigail Uganski, Reporter

The choir and theater students spent mid-winter break in New York City with an itinerary packed full of fun things. From Broadway shows to backstage tours, they were given a special opportunity over the long weekend. 

After leaving Friday night, the group arrived Saturday morning, where they headed straight to a Broadway workshop led by current Broadway performer, Lindsey Jackson. Later that night, they saw The Lion King on Broadway. On Saturday, they were able to spend a couple hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Later that day, they saw both Little Shop of Horrors and The Play That Goes Wrong. On Monday, they received a tour of New York City and a tour of Radio City Music Hall. Finally, they were able to spend some free time shopping in the city before heading back to the school on the bus. 

Overall, the Broadway shows and the art museum were both favorites of the students. Many people loved the unique costumes in The Lion King, the music in Little Shop of Horrors, and the hilariousness of The Play That Goes Wrong. They also enjoyed having time to wander around the art museum and see famous pieces, such as Water Lilies by Claude Monet. 

The trip was a new experience for many students that had never been to New York City before. CiCi Cutler stated, “I was surprised by how small Times Square is. It looks so much bigger on TV.” Bailey Quiney added, “Something that surprised me is that most of the stereotypes were true, such as how rude people are and how crazy it is. What they say about it being ‘the city that never sleeps’ is true.” From the busy traffic to the pushing and shoving on the streets, it is definitely different from Spring Lake!

While the trip had tons of fun experiences, the students also enjoyed the time that they were able to spend with each other. Cutler mentioned, “I did personally feel like the trip strengthened my bonds with other choir kids.” Quiney agreed, stating, “I feel like I got closer and bonded with some people that I usually don’t talk to a ton, and our chaperones were wonderful!” 

In a few years, the trip will take place again for more choir and theater students to explore the “Big Apple.”