Top 10 Locations to Visit this Spring Break

Top 10 Locations to Visit this Spring Break

Isabel Geyer and Eva Fewless, Reporter

1. Saugatuck, Michigan 

  • Known for great shops and even better restaurants definitely a place you don’t want to miss out on. 
  • Not too warm, definitely a little bit on the colder side, but even so, it is an amazing place to visit!         

2. Frankenmuth, Mi

  • Kind of an old fashioned feel to it, with its vintage buildings.
  • Colder, but still a great place to visit this Spring Break!


3. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, U.P.

  • Beautiful waters, perfect for anyone who loves swimming!
  • Not too warm, but has a lot of places to detour while visiting.

4. The Tulip City, Holland

  • A lovely place spread with beautiful flowers!
  • Stunning and warm, for warm weather lovers. 
  • Would recommend checking out their food they have croissants and sweets if that’s something you’re interested in.

5. Crystal Mountain 

  • Ideal for those who love exercise, skiing & snowboarding
  • Gorgeous mountains
  • Slightly chilly, but overall beautiful
  • Many shops to explore

6. Clearwater, Florida

  • Perfect for those who enjoy warm weather.
  • A place you cannot miss if you love to swim!
  • Beautiful place with friendly people.

7. Grand Canyon National Park

  • Beautiful scenery, and lots of exercise opportunities. Perfect for those who enjoy exercise during the day.
  • Best place to stay: The South Rim

8. Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Beautiful waters, and islands. Gorgeous scenery.
  • Perfect for those who really enjoy the warm weather.
  • Perfect for photographers.

9. New York City

  • Stunning city, perfect for city lovers. 
  • Weather is not very warm, but it’s a beautiful place

10. Lake Tahoe

  • The weather is perfect for those who love warmth.
  • Beautiful scene, perfect for swimmers.
  • Lovely waters, warm water.