A New Era of LAX


Noor Baria, Reporter

Spring is a time for sunshine and unexpected weather. As this year has brought unexpected weather, and forced many spring sports to work with temperatures that are uncomfortable, the adversity is something that differentiates spring sport athletes from others. Spring sports athletes work in the rain, snow, wind, and everything in between. This type of adversity is unique to the sports that ultimately make the athletes physically and mentally resilient.

This season the girls’ lacrosse team will have to be more resilient than ever as the team was two-time back-to-back conference champions. The team will face hardships, for they have moved up a conference, battling class A schools like Rockford and East Grand Rapids. Wednesday, the girls took on the Eagles of Grand Rapids Christian winning 13 to 8. Senior Captain Tessa Fuller put in 6 points and an assist as well as Junior Captain Gabby Vasquez added 6 points and 3 assists. The ladies move to play Mona Shores Friday, Mar 24, 2023, against the Lady Sailors.

I talked to the four captains Junior Gabby Vasquez, Junior Alyssa Fogel, Senior Tessa Fuller, and Senior Noor Baria on their take on the adversity they will have to push through this season to come out on top. Junior Gabby Vasquez says, “Every team has ups and downs in their program and I believe that you can only go up when difficult times happen. Our team is very determined and we work hard for what we want to achieve. With that being said, moving up a conference, our goal is to compete and celebrate the little things that will help us succeed as a team. This adversity will help push us as players, teammates, and leaders to become the best versions of ourselves.” Junior Alyssa Fogel said, “We have the strength and determination on our team to take this challenge head-on. There will definitely be obstacles on our journey, but as a team, we will come together to overcome those obstacles. I believe that this team has a lot of potentials and will take this opportunity to grow our program.” Senior Tessa Fuller states “This year is going to be extremely challenging, but nothing we aren’t ready for! We have many experienced players on the team which gives us an advantage. Along with amazing girl boss coaches that have loads of knowledge in girls’ lacrosse and are very supportive and encouraging. We have been working hard in the off-season on– being in better physical shape than before and making our skills sharp. This season will be mentally and physically challenging, but our team chemistry is starting to click and I am so confident in each and every player that we can do this!” Senior Noor Baria states “The team itself is a strong group of girls who are willing to take on any battle. I think as we have moved up a conference we will be forced to be put in positions that we haven’t been in previous years, but this doesn’t mean we aren’t ready for any battle that is given our way. I believe that this adversity will make us stronger than ever and help us learn to take on any challenge with a positive mindset.”

From this, the girls have been phenomenal the past 2 years and will show the conference what Spring Lake Lacrosse is all about. We wish the girls the best of luck for their upcoming season.