Trying Out for Spring Sports: Tips and Tricks


Amaya Wiseman, Reporter

Tryouts; the nerves, anxieties, and fear that come with it are hard to ignore, but it doesn’t have to be as nerve-racking as it may seem. Last week (week of march 19-25), tryouts for the 2023 varsity tennis team began and competition has been tight. Still, Head Varsity Coach, Alex Palladino, discusses how to gear up for tryouts, with such a limited number of available varsity spots.

Regardless of the sport, tryouts are tough. Especially with such a large number of athletes trying out, Coach Palladino noticed that the most challenging part for him was “managing” who was trying out and who wasn’t, keeping track of the results from competitions, and further narrowing it down. Seniors Gabriella Bush and Lucy Hylant noticed that practicing in the off-season and keeping up a commitment to the sport was a very effective way of preparing for tryouts. It also helped to take off some of the stress, and they encourage everyone trying out to try and find ways to practice during the off-season.

Trying out for the first time can be stressful, but Coach Palladino urges you to just “trust in yourself and not fear the challenge”. As Coach Palladino mentions, 50% of the time your opponent will be about the same, and you want to expect that and believe in yourself that you are the best you can be. Along the same lines, returning varsity players Bush and Hylant mention that the most important thing is to just “do your best, and if you don’t make it, that’s okay!”.

This will be Coach Palladino’s second season coaching the Girls’ Varsity Tennis team after already having completed his second season with the boys’ varsity team. A varsity tennis team consists of 12 girls, and with 2 varsity players having graduated last year, there are only 2 varsity spots open, but as Coach Palladino always says “spots aren’t guaranteed”. With about 20 girls, including returning players, trying out for varsity, spots definitely are not guaranteed. The first time to see the varsity team in action will be a home match against West Catholic High School on April 12th.