Everything You Need to Know About the NFL Combine


Brook Blausey, Reporter

The NFL combine in simple terms is speed dating for football. It is a system used by all 32 NFL teams to meet the top players entering the draft in April. Not only will the player be interviewed by teams, but they will also put their skills on display. At the 2023 NFL combine, 319 players were invited to show off their skills and be watched by all the teams in the league. However, even if a player wasn’t invited to the combine that does not mean that they can’t enter the NFL draft where they have the opportunity to be picked by a team to play professionally. Each year around 256 players will be drafted to these 32 teams across the country throughout the seven rounds of the draft. Out of those who are drafted around 200 of those will actually sign with their teams and have the opportunity to compete for a roster spot in the preseason of the NFL. The seven rounds of the drafts are held over three days. 

To be invited to the NFL combine there is a committee of members who review each position and vote on each player in said position. If the player gets enough votes they are then extended an invite to the combine. The goal of the committee is to invite everyone that they think has a chance of being drafted in April. However, even though some players do not get invited to the combine they still have the opportunity to be drafted. Many current NFL players did not attend the combine, yet were still drafted. So even if they aren’t invited to the combine that doesn’t mean their career in football is over just yet. 

Players who are not drafted in the NFL draft still have the opportunity to play professional football. If a player is not drafted they become an undrafted free agent, meaning that they are able to sign with any team that reaches out to them, and is willing to sign them to the team. The NFL is a very competitive league and there is always a chance to make it on to a practice team and for the player to potentially work their way up. But it all starts with the best of the best being invited to the NFL combine to be scouted.