Is TikTok Being Banned in America?


TikTok CEO – Shou Zi Chew

Alexis Dill, Reporter

Over 150 million Americans have and use TikTok, the social media platform that has swept the nation while becoming the top place for career path carving for anything from comedians to realtors. TikTok has been controversial at its best, raising questions among the American government regarding the safety of American information on the app. On March 23rd, 2023 TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified before Congress about TikTok and attempted to reassure them that American information was based on American soil and can not be influenced by unauthorized foreign parties. After 5 hours of testimony, there was little calm amongst Congress regarding the safety of the app. Conversations in the room moved to focus on the fear that TikTok, through the command of the Chinese government, is guiding what information the U.S. children view on the app. 

The concerns about mental health in American teens being influenced toward suicide due to the app drove many questions to CEO Chew. “It is our commitment to this committee and all of our users that we will keep (TikTok) free from manipulation by any government”-CEO Shou Zi Chew specifically states his company is strictly screening the app for content that can harm children’s mental health. 10 Democratic and 10 Republican U.S. Senators are backing the path to ban TikTok from all 150 million American users. CEO Chew claims that U.S. concerns could be diffused by moving all U.S. user data to American soil. No matter the amount of arguing or attempts to explain by Shou Zi Chew American congress members did not feel comforted that TikTok has no provable association with the Chinese government nor is there any proof that TikTok is not associated with the Chinese government. Worries about how the youth voters of America will react to a ban are causing unrest amongst those who are advocating for the removal of the app on American devices.