Mr. Warren’s Friday Traditions


Graham Gibson, Reporter

At Spring Lake High School, everyone knows about Mr. Warren. A funny, dedicated, and quirky history teacher here at Spring Lake High School. As a teacher, he always does his best to entertain his students, while also teaching them, of course. To accomplish this, Mr. Warren adds a fun twist every Friday by singing to his students while playing his guitar. He sings covers of songs by artists such as Elton John and The Beatles. Everyone loves when Mr. Warren plays the class a nice rock tune, and it is a great way to end the class on a Friday. Mr. Warren really enjoys showing off his talent to sing and play guitar for the class. He plans to keep this tradition going for years to come. 

Another classic Friday tradition that Mr. Warren enjoys doing for his students is playing a game called Map Wars! In map wars, Mr. Warren gives you the name of a capital in a certain country, and the students have to find (on the map) which country the capital matches to. He splits the class into two teams. Each team gets 2 representatives to go up front to find the capital on the map while Mr. Warren gives clues to help speed things up. The team with the most correct finds wins. This is another fun and competitive game that gets the students excited to learn, while also teaching them their countries and capitals. Mr. Warren also hopes to continue this game throughout his teaching career.21` Everyone loves the way Mr. Warren makes his learning fun and competitive for his students, but also challenges them to use their knowledge. It’s a great way to bond with his students and get them to really want to learn about history and geography. 

Speaking of geography, Mr. Warren plays another competitive game with his students every Friday. This one is called Geography Jeopardy. It’s the same as regular Jeopardy but with a historical twist of geography in it. Each question gets more difficult as the points get higher. Similar to Map Wars, Mr. Warren splits the class into two teams. But instead of having 3 representatives answer, each member of the two teams gets to answer. You gotta be quick though! Mr. Warren chooses a person that raises their hand the quickest to answer. This an exciting and challenging game for the whole class to enjoy. It tests your skills in geography and even tests your communication skills with your teammates. 

That said, Mr. Warren really enjoys bonding with his students in a fun and quirky way. Whether it’s by singing or giving challenges to his students. These fun Friday traditions are expected to continue throughout his teaching career and is excited to challenge and entertain his future students.