Mr. Theune Leaves SLHS to Further Serve Our District

Mr. Theune with the 2022-2023 Publication Class

Mr. Theune with the 2022-2023 Publication Class

Addison Benedict, Reporter

For the past 20 years, Mr. David Theune has been “the man behind the curtain.” From teaching drama to varying levels of ELA, the publication class, launching The Share Chair Podcast, and enhancing the Laker Anchor; his focus has been helping Spring Lake High School students find their voices and share with the Laker community.

Now Mr. Theune has stepped out from behind the curtain onto a bigger stage as the new Director of Communications for Spring Lake School District. In this newly created administrative role, he will be sharing the many good things happening not only at the high school but district-wide.


A self-described, “…teacher, presenter, writer, and reader.”, Mr. Theune has been recognized for his commitment and efforts throughout his career, including a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching, the Michigan Council for Teachers’ English Teacher of the Year in 2016, the National Council of Teachers of English as a 2016 Teacher of Excellence, and the 2016 Dr. Elizabeth Curtis Award.

The high school students who’ve worked with Mr. Theune in developing the yearbook, publishing the Laker Anchor, and recording the podcast intend to carry on the work of sharing news with our classmates and community to honor his teachings and the important role of publicizing.

We applaud Mr. Theune for stepping forward, into the spotlight, and giving a voice to Lakers across the district and wish him the best of luck in this distinguished new role.