The Insane Murdaugh Trial

The Insane Murdaugh Trial

Sarah Sevener, Reporter

A family was left in shambles, mother and son killed, and millions of dollars missing. How did the Murdaugh family dynasty come crashing down? 

One of the most interesting points about this case is the legend and lore of the Murdaugh family. Their name is rooted in money and fame in the legal system. Trying to select an unbiased jury for this case proved to be harder than expected, because in South Carolina, who doesn’t know the Murdaughs?

The answer to the case lies within the father of the family, Alex Murdaugh. He was charged, and found guilty, on two counts of murder in July of 2022, murdering his son, and wife. But his criminal charges do not stop there, he also was accused of siphoning money from his personal injury clients. 

Prosecutors believe that this is where his motive begins, that the thought of his family dynasty unraveling was enough to set him off and cause him to make such a decision. Also, on the shirt that Murdaugh was wearing that night of the murders, there were trace amounts of blood, signifying that he was standing close to his family members when they got shot. 

Personally, I believe that the courts have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Alex Murdaugh is guilty of this crime. There were many holes in this case, due mostly to the fact that law enforcement became caught up in politics. The original officers that arrived at the hunting ranch removed themselves from the case because the Murdaugh family has such influence over the law enforcement of the county. This has opened the door for many to question and even share their experiences with the dynasty families of the Southern United States.