Tanglefoot Park Coming to Spring Lake


Sam Priddy, Reporter

Tanglefoot Park is coming up on its first full year being a prominent part of Spring Lake, and with that, it’s become an important part of living here. The farmer’s market is probably the most well-known part of the park, though it may be tied with the splash pad and the docks. 

The farmer’s market features twelve vendors, all of which come from the West Michigan area. It was set up to encourage direct relationships between farmers and consumers, and it’s been a success so far, as the market has 5/5 stars on Google reviews. 

The market offers a variety of goods, from fruits and vegetables to breads and flowers. Since all the vendors are local, fruits, vegetables, and other products will always be in season. Those who have visited the market remarked that the food is always fresh and that everyone there is remarkably friendly.

So, when can you visit? Spring Lake’s Farmers Market will be open from 9-2 on Thursdays starting from June 2nd, 2023, through October 13th, 2023. While it is encouraged to mingle with everyone, the Spring Lake Department of Commerce asks that no dogs are brought inside the pavilion and that the pavilion stays a safe, no-smoking zone.