Seniors Don’t Know How to Act – Graduation

Seniors Dont Know How to Act - Graduation

Lily Zuelke, Reporter

With graduation only a few weeks away, we asked how seniors are feeling about leaving Spring Lake High School. Overall, students are having bittersweet emotions as they share their excitement and concerns; many have contradicting thoughts about leaving this part of their life behind and moving on to the next phase. Ava Laug, heading to the University of Tenessee, says that she is “more than ready for it. I can’t wait for everything else that’s coming.” However, she is apprehensive about not being around anyone that she knows: “It’s a whole new environment with so many new people, especially because I’m going out of state.” Nick Braidwood, attending Michigan Tech, shares similar sentiments. He stated, “I am ready to graduate and I feel prepared for the future. I’m looking forward to the new opportunities, but I’m concerned about going to a place I am unfamiliar with and into a study that’s going to be a big work and time commitment.” 

Another future Michigan Tech student, Emma Wahlberg, believes that she is “ready to be done with this chapter of [her] life.” She went on to say, “I am ready for summer. This summer is going to be different than other summers because I am going to have less responsibility and more time to enjoy myself before the next chapter in life.” Emma knows that it will take time to “establish a new normal” yet remains optimistic and enthusiastic about the future.  

On the other end of the spectrum, Melanie Buys is unsure of her thoughts on graduating. When asked how she feels about it, she said, “I feel fine. I’m kind of sick of this building, so I’m excited to leave, but I don’t know what college is going to be like.” Her biggest concern involves not having a car: “I’m practically stranded.” She also has some worries about balancing a job while in school, but she stated that she is experienced in balancing being in a sport while in school so she believes that she will be prepared. The last student interviewed was Arin Prince who will be attending Western Michigan University: “I’m ready for graduation to come, but I’m sad for it to be over. I am both excited and scared because I am not good at meeting new people, but finding those with similar interests as me will help.” 

The end of high school brings about mixed emotions for almost everyone. These students here have reflected the combination of anxiety, eagerness, excitement, and anticipation that comes with going off to college. Throughout all their concerns, however, they maintain a sense of hopefulness and continue to look forward to their futures.