Our Final Brain Break


Ainoha Chastang, Reporter

As we all know this school was a year of evolution and changes with the staff but also our education. One of these changes was the introduction of brain breaks! We started with a speech with “Flip your 20” which has created fairly divided opinions about if it was a real brain break etc… the staff listened to us and really gave a voice to the students to help them to make the brain break as good as they could for the students. They also worked with  Peer Up and the student council to put it together as best they could and it worked out because the next brain break was definitely a real success! 

And for this last brain break of the year, it was even better and it really gave a chance to the seniors to create a lot of good memories because with seniors graduating and ap testing, we all needed the break. 

The diversity of the activities was a really big advantage for the students because not everyone feels comfortable in a loud environment and with a lot of people and being able to do some more calm. This brain break really gave the option to students depending on their personalities.

This brain break had a lot more outside activities but still a lot of diversity with a field day style with activities like kick ball (staff vs. students), soccer on the field, chalk, and a frozen-yogurt truck available.  There were also indoor activities mixed in – an open gym, a card room, drawing/coloring in a classroom, and the library was open for study hall or reading.

Graham Gibson is giving us his opinion on the kickball game which he played: “I thought that the kickball game was really fun. It was fun to see all of the teachers and students run around and have fun playing kickball. I’m glad to say that we [students] won.”

 It was a really good experience for the students who were involved in it, especially during the kickball game which had a lot of success and they were here to support the teachers and students of course.

This year marked a real change in our school’s life and we hope that the brain breaks will remain for years to come.

We will see what the future holds for SLHSl.