Spring Break Extravaganza!

Spring Break Extravaganza!

Skyler Henshaw, Reporter

Spring break is probably the most anticipated break in the entire school year. The weather becomes warmer and families go on vacations all over the country. Students have stories that they want to share with their peers. Here’s stories from the students!

Lane Bullis, Honolulu, Hawai’i: I took surf lessons! Surfing is much harder than it looks, but I still had a ton of fun regardless. I got a lot of water in my mouth, fell off my board a LOT, and also couldn’t get back ON my board, but it was so much fun. While I was sitting and waiting for another wave, in the water not too far from me was a turtle! and before that, I felt something tugging on the little cord that was attached to my ankle and I’m not sure if it got caught on rocks or what, but I felt something tugging on it and I would love to believe it was a turtle and it wasn’t caught on a rock.


Another thing that happened is I caught two waves back to back. The first wave was not that good, I only lasted a couple of seconds and as soon as it was done, I settled back on my board. Suddenly I felt this push behind me and I realized it was another wave, so I paddled and caught that wave. It was a really big and long wave and that was the last wave I caught which was a really nice wave to go out on.

Logan Ross, Destin, Florida: I got to hang out with my sister and her friends. I also was able to hang out with my parents. Another thing I did is go to the beach and get pictures of the sunset and water. One very fun thing I did is I got to visit the Parthenon in Nashville, TN.

Arin Prince, Universal Studios: On some of the days, my parents let me go off on my own for a few hours. One of these days, I went to ride Escape from Gringotts in Diagon Alley. There was a family in front of me decked out in Ravenclaw gear. I got so happy seeing someone show off their Ravenclaw pride. I also got to sit with them on the ride. When we got off, I complimented their outfits. We ended up talking about Harry Potter stuff for a couple of minutes before I left to go meet up with my family. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had at Universal.

I also have another story. While we were at Universal Studios, they were having a Mardi Gras celebration. They had different food and drink stations. The food was great, and a little spicy. There was also an ice cream station with fun flavors. The flavor my sister got was sweet potato. It tasted really good. There was also a parade every night where they would throw bead necklaces. We got over 40 necklaces from the two times we watched the parade.

Maribelle Schmidt, Home: It’s not that interesting because I stayed home for spring break but I did go to a cool shop called the cheese lady. It’s a cheese shop in Muskegon that has cheeses from all around the world. It tasted good and had cool stuff. My sister went to Tennessee though.

In conclusion, spring break is one of the best school breaks for students. Tons of students took the week to take a well needed vacation and they have tons of stories to tell because of it.