Where are they now: Kassidy Lemmen


Sydney Noorman , Reporter

What is your dream job? Is it flying airplanes, something in the medical field, or are you still not sure? For Kassidy Lemmen it’s to be an aspiring dolphin trainer, while currently working as an advanced marine and mammal training intern at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. In her work she is involved in the care of dolphins and otters. Kassidy went to Florida State University and majored in Computational Biology.

She attended Spring Lake high school from 2014-2018. Since attending Springlake she has lived in Tallahassee and is currently in Tampa! She says that SL prepared her for what she’s doing today by giving her a strong education which allowed her to get into her college of choice. Some advice she would give to today’s Lakers is, “Pursue your dreams! Despite always having had a passion for animal training, I had been planning on being a programmer because it seemed like a practical choice of career, and I’m good at math and with computers. But I eventually realized I didn’t want to spend all day sitting at a computer, so despite being halfway through college I changed my entire plan and decided to become a dolphin trainer instead. I’m so grateful I made the change and wish I had just pursued my passion in the first place!”