The Spins by Mac Miller – Music Review

The Spins by Mac Miller - Music Review

Samantha Redeker

The Spins 


Mac Miller was a very popular artist in the R&B and rap genre who died of a drug overdose in September of 2018. He was known for his unique rhythms and rap of songs that he produced himself,  releasing six studio albums in total with Blue Side Park on the top of the billboard 200. The Spins was a song he released in 2012, sampled from Half Mast by Empire of the Sun released in 2008. Some of the lyrics in both songs are identical, while others are completely different. In the beginning entry of Half Mast, it quotes, “Listen now, can we talk in love and walk the town- Be easy now, go hiking through the hills in a summer gown.” This song portrays a warm mood, getting to know your loved one, and talking about love in the summer. Shift over to The Spins, and he added certain lyrics to change the mood. As the same exact background rhythm plays, Mac changes it to, “ Wanna get a mansion, a jacuzzi, a theater to watch my movies,” and “Wanna smoke my weed so she asks me where the tops are,” He titled his songs The Spins because the term refers to being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, and in this song, he portrays his experience with it. For both the songs, the lyrics throughout the songs, “Honey I need you round,” and, “Smile, baby don’t cry,” stay the same — however, in The Spins, he adds lyrics like “I just graduated High school” and “I’m drunk as f*ck” to take a song and completely change the context and make it his own. Mac Miller took an older song and deceived the meaning by creating the spins.