The Community’s Chase for Spencer Cobb 


Adriana Zamarron, Reporter


Last year, the entire community of Spring Lake was shocked by the devastation on Halloween night. Spencer Cobb, a member of the 2022 graduating class, damaged three vertebrae of the spine after crashing into the bottom of a pond. He underwent states of paralysis, and spent months working tremendously hard to gain back his basic functions, especially walking. 

Events that were often taken for granted and overlooked, seemed unachievable with his current condition. One of the biggest being walking across the stage on his day of graduation. With time spilling frantically, Spencer was determined to overcome these limitations. 

Incredibly, he accomplished his ultimate goal of walking on his graduation day and has continued to progress against all odds. Now, Spencer roams freely at his home with only his walker! He works every day whether by helping other families and teens struggling with spinal injuries at MFB (Mary Free Bed), or by making efforts towards himself; for example, by going to the YMCA with his dad to work out! 

His family, along with doctors and community members, are in awe of the success Spencer has achieved; “Spencer is still the strongest and most positive person I know. I can’t imagine being in his shoes and keeping everything so upbeat, but he never misses a chance to do something, smile, or help anyone in need who asks,” says Spencer’s mother, Allison Cobb. 

The entire family has grown, and not just in health and happiness. A new puppy, Denver, was introduced into the family; however the family wasn’t able to keep Denver, rather Allison would have to find him a new home. On the search for a fitting home, she met Leon and Zinne Stille who happily accepted Denver into their home. 

Remarkably, it turned out that Leon was involved in the Tri-Cities Kiwanis Club, they work to raise money for families with children in need of care. The Kiwanis club reached out to Allison, and they later met in Grand Haven at one of the Club’s meetings, and Allison got a chance to tell them Spencer’s story along with its impact on the entire family. The Kiwanis instantly wanted to make efforts for the family and told Allison they would keep in touch. 

This leads us to Chad and Nancy Bush; The Bush’s were familiar with the Kiwanis club, and their cause. Chad and Nancy worked with the Cobbs and supported them everywhere they could including Chad reaching out to the Kiwanis club and planning to be involved. This sprouted what would soon be the Fall Fest 5-10k. 

Even though Spencer has been able to achieve many things, there is still so much that his family wishes they could provide for him. With the injury Spencer continues to suffer from, there are so many necessities to enable his independence: including a modified vehicle or any additional construction changes to their home. 

Although the Tri-Cities Kiwanis Club was never likely to focus on supporting an individual, Spencer’s story struck a need for that to change. The Fall Fest 5-10k was the Kiwani Club’s approach to support Spencer. 

Many people and groups were eager to support Spencer as well; dozens of people arrived at the 5-10k including peers, family members, teammates, even teachers and coaches (Spencer even participated with his bike)!  There is no doubt that this community comes together in any time of need, and on September 24th, that was proven.