The Eventual Week of Homecoming: A Recap


Noor Baria, Reporter

Two weeks ago, one of the greatest weeks of the school year was a success. We started the week off with Adam Sandler day, then USA day, color wars, theme day, and then the best for last, Laker day!

Adam Sandler Day was a great turnout. Students and teachers wore their long shorts, big t-shirts, high socks, and baseball hat to twin with the man himself – Adam Sandler. Tuesday, everyone was asked to bring out their patriotism and wear the Red, White and Blue! That day, the belly flop contest was held and students volunteered to show off their flopping abilities. Seniors led the scoreboard by 2 points when Ryan, a senior, surprised everyone and brought joy to everyone’s faces. Wednesday came along and many students were at a point in the week where those3 days had felt like a lifetime. With TP-ing all night and then coming to school, it was like not three days have passed, but six. This day, students wore the assigned color and teachers wore all colors. Later in the day, Powderpuff was the event of the day and taking home the win was the seniors. Furthermore, while kids roamed the streets at night that Thursday, students were assigned a music genre; Seniors Country, Juniors Disco, Sophomore Holiday, and Freshman Pop. Now, the biggest day where our Spring Lake Lakers took on the Fruitport Trojans. During school, students participated in a school pep assembly where students took on Half-Court shots, tug of war and mattress racing. Overall, Seniors came in first, Juniors in second, Sophomores in third and Freshman in fourth. Moving forward to the afternoon, 16 students were selected by the senior class to represent their class in the parade and game. The winners who were this year’s homecoming King and Queen were Ben Carlson and Tori Fouchea. Ending the night, the boys fought hard and unfortunately came short in the homecoming football game. This year unfortunately the Lakers lost the paddle but fought hard till the last second. 

As the week came to an end the fun was not over. Saturday, the students had their 2022 homecoming dance. Many students went out before dinner and took pictures with their friends and family. This was a special moment in high school because homecoming is only once, but the memories will carry on for several years. Homecoming is a time of the year where the community comes together in various ways in support of the school. After a pandemic, this homecoming has been the first of many, hopefully, that has been normal. As this the week came to an end students were tired and were ready for Sunday where they could sleep in and get ready for a boring Monday once again.