She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition

She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition

Abigail Uganski, Reporter

Last weekend, Spring Lake High School’s Drama Club performed an outstanding rendition of Qui Nguyen’s play She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition. The play told the story of high schooler Agnes Evans processing grief caused by the death of her younger sister, Tilly. Agnes stumbles upon her sister’s Dungeons and Dragons notebook, which sets her on an adventure to figure out how to play the game and ultimately learn more about her deceased sister whom she never understood while she was alive.  

One of the best parts about the performance was the stage combat that it featured, something that the majority of the actors had never experienced before and were learning for the first time. Many of the actors agree that the fight choreography was one of their favorite parts. Senior Arin Prince, who played Lillith, stated that they “loved all the fight scenes” and “couldn’t pick a favorite.” The punches, kicks, and stabbings were wonderfully done and brought forth a ruckus of applause from audience members. 

The play, although featuring many corny jokes and 90’s references, also dealt with many deeper topics. It expressed the struggles of dealing with the grief of losing a family member, youth struggles, LGBTQ+ themes, bullying, and accepting loved ones for who they truly are. It was an impactful show not only for the audience members, but for the cast as well. Sophomore Tina Kortich, who was cast as Vera, stated, “the first time I read through the script, I cried. Every night after, I was still brought almost to tears.” She is glad to have brought this story to an audience, stating, “It’s an incredibly beautiful story about sisters, adventure, and dealing with grief.” 

Overall, the play was a wonderful story that was put together by a wonderful cast. Through the ups and downs of this comical yet impactful tale, viewers and actors alike can acknowledge that it truly shows the importance of loving others fiercely while they still have the chance. 

Pictured: Kaitlyn Andrews, Emmy Tosterud, Tina Kortich, and Ava Davidson

Pictured: Avalon Hayenga, Arin Prince, Tina Kortich

Pictured: Avalon Hayenga, Madeline Handrich, Keiran Somers, Maxim Chalupa, and Arin Princ