How Fashion Has Changed My Life

How Fashion Has Changed My Life

Adriana Zamarron, Reporter

Hi, I am  Adriana Zamarron and fashion has changed my life. 


You probably see me in the hallways, and hopefully, you can see a little bit of me; by “me” I mean my style. My outfits reflect my mood, passions, and my personality! 


When quarantine began (My 8th-grade year), my entire identity was thrown out on a whiteboard and I was forced to recognize every part of me. That whiteboard was full of words that kept me from my full potential; words that stuffed me in a box with the rest of the world. I questioned who I was, and who I was going to be for so long. 


During that year or so, I suffered from severe depression and stayed in bed most of every day, and I know that many experienced similar misfortunes. We would all distract ourselves with what were seemingly meaningless hobbies or interests, but I think a lot of us were able to discover things we never knew about ourselves. Whether it was a passion for baking bread, playing an instrument or getting really good at that new video game, we all had that “thing”. For me, that “thing” was fashion; going thrifting almost every week, and with people I love too! Putting together random outfits that no one had to see or appreciate but me.


It wasn’t until I discovered my love for fashion that I was able to erase some of those labels off that invisible whiteboard — labels like “small”, “not worth it”, “simple”, and the list continues. I enable my creativity, ambition, and passion through fashion; it has become a fixed part of who I am; when I am wearing an outfit that I feel beautiful and confident in that boosts my whole mood! My style is an outward expression of who I have chosen to be, and to me, that is a lot more than a silly hobby I picked up in quarantine. 

Fashion is something that I plan to continue pursuing, maybe even after high school! But even now, I have big plans for my future in fashion! 

As you could’ve guessed, fashion is something that, as a community, we can share a bit of ourselves through. It is something for everyone, something that has no rules or boundaries. 

This is Nikhil Joshi’s, a sophomore at SLHS, life through the eyes of fashion: 

“Fashion is a form of expression for me. It’s a way for me to show the world what I like and who I am. My passion for fashion stems from a desire to be different and express my feelings and interests, in ways such as wearing shirts of the bands I like. Fashion has impacted my life by introducing me to a culture I was not familiar with before and allowing me to meet new people. I do plan to continue pursuing fashion, by learning about more fashion designers and watching their runway shows. It’s one of my favorite ways that I can study fashion.” 

Nikhil is one of the many creative people at SLHS that love and cherish fashion! Fashion has the power of words, and can bring people together, but also sets us apart from one another and embraces our differences. Fashion is more than just a price tag or a fabric, fashion is a lifestyle, fashion is a gateway, and fashion is a language.