Be Nice. Club: An Overview

Be Nice. Club: An Overview

Fiona Biasell, Reporter

From the group’s initial establishment in 2011, to the well-known Be Nice song in 2019, the Be Nice. idea has been taking the world by storm in one of the kindest movements we’ve ever seen! Spring Lake High School has added this club to the sprawling list, and we can say it is definitely a positive change! To get more information, we turned to Emma Nicles, a chairperson for the club.


“Be Nice is one of the biggest clubs in the high school and has over 150 members,” Nicles said in a recent interview. “We have meetings roughly once a month, and once a week we also meet to color and hang up birthday posters on lockers. We focus on spreading kindness and awareness about mental health for the entire student body, and teachers! It is so rewarding to see kindness spread throughout the high school and to help brighten peoples’ days.”


On Schoology, the Be Nice. club’s motto is: Our mission is to create a unified SLHS by building a community through the promotion of respect and culture for all of us. And we have a lot to look forward to: “Expect more birthday posters!!”


 The Be Nice. club, in addition to birthday posters, also advocates for mental health and is currently working on ways to better address it in our school. 


If you’re looking to meet new people and spread kindness, this club is for you!!