Helping Athletes One Day at a Time

Helping Athletes One Day at a Time

Alexis Dill, Reporter

Spring Lake is one of the lucky schools to have an Athletic Trainer that works to ensure all our athletes are working at peak. Ever since high school, Jasmine knew she wanted to become an athletic trainer. She played sports in high school and began to spend more time in her athletic trainer’s office. This led to her becoming a student athletic trainer. Eventually, Jasmine had to start looking for colleges and wanted one with a good Athletic trainer program. 

        Her high school athletic trainer had gone to Central Michigan University, and now so did Jasmine. She spent 4 years at CMU gaining her bachelor’s degree in athletic training although now it is a master’s. During her time at CMU, Jasmine got to spend an internship in Washington D.C. She lived there for 4 months learning how to do what she does. Jasmine’s favorite part of her program was the different settings she got to work in as well as the others she got to work with. However much fun she was having, the hours were rough in the program and became her least favorite thing about it. 

Right out of college, Jasmine began to work for Waterford Mott in January 2014. She then was hired by Mercy Heath which is now Trinity Health and was placed here at Spring Lake. 

In January 2017, Jasmine began to work here at the school and has been growing her own flock of student athletic trainers including Sophomore Emily Schaner, Junior Kyla Koert, Junior Meghan Norton, and Junior Delany Johnson. Chances are, if you go into Jasmine’s office after school, one of them will be there and willing to help. Spring Lake is not only lucky enough to have an athletic training program but an amazing athletic trainer and student athletic trainers to help out Laker athletes do what they do best.