Why We Should Start School Later

Why We Should Start School Later

Juliana Geneva, Reporter

Most teenagers would say that schools start too early. They are up too late finishing their homework, and they wake up too early so as to not be late for school. This can be a problem for plenty of people. Studies have shown that students who get less sleep tend to do worse during school, and are more likely to be late to classes.

In addition, as many people know, doing poorly in classes can affect one’s grades. Grades can affect your ability to get into college, and then the next thing you know, you work minimum wage in a terrible fast food chain. Along with that, bad grades can affect one’s mental health. In short, getting up too early can affect someone’s mental health greatly. So what can we do about this? Obvious! Start school later!

Starting school later can help students get more sleep by sleeping in a little and therefore being awake and ready for school the next day. This would make them aware of what they’re learning and be able to focus a lot more.

Although starting school later seems like a perfect solution, there are a few drawbacks. This includes school also being let out later, which would result in less time for extracurricular activities and homework. This could lead to more stress instead of less, but nevertheless I still believe that starting school 30-50 minutes later could help with focus, energy, and motivation!