Why You Should Color For A Cause!


Fiona Biasell, Reporter

Who doesn’t love coloring? Bright colors, fun designs, and hanging out with your friends! Does that sound up your alley? Come to Ms. Johnson’s and Mrs. Gutierrez’s classrooms during Tuesday’s lunches to participate in Coloring for a Cause!


“Kids Food Basket is a nonprofit organization in Muskegon, Holland, and Grand Rapids,” Mrs. Gutierrez said in a recent interview. “We’re supporting the Muskegon one! Our school decorates paper bags and then Kids Food Basket fill them with food that will be sent home with kids after school. The idea behind it is to brighten up their brown paper bags with a little ‘you’re awesome’ or a rainbow so it makes them smile when they get home and open up their dinner.”


It’s a win for everybody! “Everyone is smiling and laughing and singing along to whatever playlist we have on. Through helping kids smile, students are creating new memories and friendships.”


And it’s all thanks to Ms. Johnson! “In the summertime, I volunteer packing sack suppers there, and I noticed during my shifts that a lot of the bags go home undecorated,” she explained. “I thought it would be an easy thing to do in Spring Lake to help, and I really lucked out, because I was looking for students to positively interact in a non-academic setting. And they have! I’m impressed with the turnout; we still get new people every time, and the quality of the artwork on some of the bags is amazing.”


Students from all grades are enjoying it! We asked a 9th-grade student, Eowyn McMaster, her opinion on bag decorating.

“It has been really fun because I have gotten to know the people that color as well and it has helped me fit into the school,” she said. “Honestly, I just kinda like coloring. I think that it’s a really great cause and I love to be part of it!”


Decorating bags is a great way to not only put a smile on a kid’s face but have a good time with your friends! If you’re interested, coloring is every Tuesday during lunch; the first is in Ms. Johnson’s room and the second is in Mrs. Gutierrez’s room. Hope to see you there!