CMU Hosts Journalism Event for Students

CMU Hosts Journalism Event for Students

Ally Amaya, Reporter

Mr. Theune and Mrs. Crawford took a group of students on a trip to CMU college. The CMU college had a Journalism Rocks day. This trip is to inspire students who have a craving for journalism, broadcasting, social media marketing, newspaper, yearbook, etc. This trip happened on Friday, November 4th. The bus left the high school at 7:40 and arrived at the college around 10:30. As soon as we arrived at the college, separate groups of students had different adventures to see and hear stories about CMU’s programs and how the students found themselves there. 

The groups were joined again to hear about the creation of the S.W.A.G. Magazine by middle schooler Julian Morris. Julian focuses on teens and young adults who want to inspire and/or make a difference. He focuses on entertainment and on the health of teens. He created this program when COVID just hit. He was an inspiration to all.

Adriana Zamarron, a junior, that attended the trip, “Personally, Journalism is a huge passion of mine, so this CMU opportunity was really exciting for me. I gained a lot of knowledge about CMU’s campus, available programs, and a bunch of ideas for the Laker Anchor and my magazine from this experience. Overall, the experience was overwhelmingly enjoyable, and I plan to pursue journalism further — possibly with CMU!” 

Before signing up for the trip, students had to fill out a survey about breakout sessions with many different guest speakers. There were many sessions like how to personalize portraits with Kate Kildee, Hands-on live tv studio with Mike Potter and Mario Caballero, creating a professional podcast with Lori Brost, the basic design for the yearbook and newspaper, a campus tour, etc. This made students see how life at CMU can be.

Overall, this college trip was inspiring and interesting to learn about different passions that could jump out at you. If you have a taste for the entertainment world or want to pursue a career in writing, this college might be a good fit for you.