Michigan Gas Prices


Addison Benedict, Reporter

As most people know, gas prices have been increasing recently. There is no one to blame, although many people have tried to blame the president, there is nothing Joe Biden can do. The increase in drivers and driving is making the supply of gas go down. That makes the price increase. In 2021, the average regular gas price was $3.92. The current regular gas price in Michigan is also $3.92. 

In my opinion, the gas prices being this high is very annoying, because to fill my car is about 70 dollars. That is so much money on gas that I could be spending on more important things. I talked to junior, Ally Amaya, about her opinions about the prices of gas. “I used to pay about $40 for a full tank of gas, yet now I pay about $55-60. I now have to limit my driving because I don’t want to refill my tank. It’s crazy to see the prices rise in our economy.”

Russia is one of the United States’ main sources of oil. Ever since the war between Russia and Ukraine began, Russia has stopped sharing the oil, The United States also banned Russia from importing oil from us, which makes the United States’ supply of gas decrease. Our other imports are from Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia. Russia however, was a huge supplier for us.