It’s Time to Bereal!


Samantha Redeker, Reporter

Time to BeReal! BeReal is an app that was created in 2020 by Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreaum,  and it was initially a french social media app that became popular globally in 2022. Over the summer this has been an app that’s used by thousands of students across the country, growing more popular daily with “BeReal’s active monthly users have reportedly risen by more than 315% within the past few months ‘( Pritchard).”The app chooses random times of the day to send you a notification that it’s time to ‘BeReal,’ and at this time you have two minutes to post to be considered on time — any time past is considered late. You can’t see other people’s posts until you take yours and when you post, you take the “ front” picture first, followed by the “back” picture second — or vice versa. The point of this is to show what you’re doing from both angles, and it uploads to only your friends that you have on your app — it isn’t public for everyone to see.  You can make a caption for your own post, or “react” to other people’s posts easily, making it convenient to use and keeping it interactive. If you’re late to the post you have until the next time the notification goes off, or you simply skip a day. This is a great way to see what your friends are doing and is an exciting thing to look forward to or look back at all your past BeReals in the calendar. This is a great way to track all the great memories that you have with your friends, and see others as well. It’s also beneficial for the other side of social media — the times when you’re simply in your bed, being lazy. Seeing other people make these posts shows reality, and breaks the fake reality certain apps online create. In all, BeReal is beneficial in many ways and continues to grow more popular each day.