Should Christmas Be Celebrated At School?

Should Christmas Be Celebrated At School?

Juliana Geneva, Reporter

After Thanksgiving, Chrimstas lights begin coming up spotting the town with a beautiful array of colors. Inside, houses become decorated with trees as the Christmas spirit shines bright. Everything and everyone gets ready for the holidays…


Yet, as students walk into school the few weeks before break the walls are dreary and gray. Christmas cheer is nowhere to be found and there is a distinct lack of excitement. This begs the question: should Chstimas be celebrated at school, and to what extent?

I believe that Christmas should be celebrated in a similar fashion to Homecoming. A spirit week to show our festivity and a hall decorating contest with the respective colors of the holidays. This would allow students to look forward to something besides break, and for students to express their creativity. It also allows them a choice of whether they wish to participate or not. I also think that teachers too would enjoy showing their festivities at school


I understand, though, that people may view Christmas as entirely religious and not aproppriate to be represented at school. While their point is valid, I also believe that the decorations used could be completely neutral and should be perceived as only decorations with no ties to religion.


Christmas is a time for amusement and liveliness and the fact that students enter a place devoid of that during the weeks leading up to break conflicts with that. Students should not find school wearisome, instead, they should find small pieces of joy each day. Celebrating Christmas with decorations and a spirit week at school would encourage that to happen. In conclusion, I believe that students and teachers alike should celebrate Christmas at school with more than just minor classroom decorations.