Where are they now: Tracy Core


Sydney Noorman , Reporter

When people think of Spring Lake High School they usually think of the building where everyone drives to the parking lot or where the buses meet to drop everyone off. What they might not think of right away is the Alternative Ed building. Tracy Core, a Spring Lake High School alumni, is a parapro at the Spring Lake Alternative Education for Spring Lake Public Schools. She attended Spring Lake Public schools from 1978-1981. From there, Tracy went to Muskegon Community College and Grand Valley State University. She ended up graduating with an Elementary teaching degree with a Major in Social Sciences.

Tracy has been married to Mr. Bill Core for 32 years and has three kids: Jenna, Jackson, and Jaden (along with a dog named Ruby). During her time at Spring Lake, she was a part of the Student Council and played some sports in Middle School. Some things Tracy says about how Spring Lake helped prepare her for what she is currently doing, “I think Spring Lake built the foundation for me to enter college. I think college, student teaching, and life experiences have prepared me for my current job.” Some advice she would give to today’s Lakers is to, “Work hard, have fun, get involved, and be kind. Mask up and be safe!”