Teacher, Author, and Speaker All in One

Teacher, Author, and Speaker All in One

Abigail Uganski, Reporter

Spring Lake High School’s new staff member this year is not just a teacher, but also an author and a public speaker! Mrs. Beebe published her book titled Tiny Actions Big Results: How a Few Minutes a Day Can Help You Get and Keep Your Life Together in 2022 and has given speeches to three different groups about her book. 

The self-help book was inspired by the fact that there simply were not other books like it. Beebe stated, “There are lots of suggestions for habits and goals and how to achieve them, but nothing that showed super specific tiny ways that you could improve your life.” Her book teaches people how to change their life, one step at a time, especially because change can be so daunting. She said, “I also wanted to help people to feel less overwhelmed, and all of these tiny little actions helped me (and still help me) keep everything together.” 

So how did she go from writing a book to becoming a published author and speaker? She had to jump through a couple hoops to get to that point. She said, “The hardest part about publishing was that I had to find a cover designer and editor and she did NOT deliver on time.” She mentioned that her editor often missed deadlines and did not make many changes. After communicating with other published authors, she decided to self publish the book through Amazon due to its convenience and short timeline. She remarked, “I was giving a speech at the MASSP Women’s Leadership Summit in Grand Rapids and I wanted the book to be finished before the speech.” 

But in the end, it all worked out well. “My favorite part was the cover and author bio.  I chose from 5 designs for the cover and I LOVE how it turned out!” Beebe stated. 

After her first successful publication, Mrs. Beebe plans to keep writing for a more targeted audience. She mentioned, “My next book will be geared more for teens and young women and will include some of the ideas from my first book but will focus more on athletics, self esteem, attitude, confidence, and resilience. It will still stay with the tiny action theme but be less about home/money/career and more about school, teen life, college, first job/apartment type stuff.”

Make sure to check out Mrs. Beebe’s book in the library!