Super Bowl 2023: One for the History Books


Brook Blausey, Reporter

History was made during Super Bowl 2023, Chiefs Vs. Eagles, played on February 12th. For the first time ever, two black quarterbacks were to face off. And, for the first time ever brothers on two separate teams were going to face off. This super bowl was one that was going to be remembered for a very long time. 

Kansas City Chiefs took the victory winning the game 38-35. NFL supporters around the world were reminded why Patrick Mahomes is the next amazing quarterback, after suffering another blow to the ankle, reminding the world that he was already playing with a high ankle sprain. However, by playing through the injury the Chiefs stuck with the Eagles keeping the score pretty even throughout the whole game. 

Nearly 95 million people were watching the game all over the world to see who would be the next champions of the league. Despite how close the game was through all four quarters, after the game finished many spectors couldn’t help but question whether or not the game happened to be rigged in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs. A holding call at the end of the game was made against James Bradberry, a defensive player for the eagles, which was one of the final plays that allowed the Chiefs to run down the clock and secure the win. This call made by the refs had fans wondering if it was the right call, that ultimately ended up affecting the outcome of the game. 

Despite the speculation on if the ref’s call was correct, Bradberry stated in an interview that “It was a holding. I tugged on the jersey.” So despite the talk about the game being rigged it was a hard fought superbowl game between two very deserving teams.