Seniors Take On Punta Cana!


Samantha Redeker, Reporter


This year’s senior spring break took place in Punta Cana, at an all-inclusive resort called Majestic Elegance. There were 37 students that attended the trip, along with parents and siblings. The charter flight left on Thursday, which less than half the students attended; people continued to trickle in on Friday and Saturday, and by the end of the weekend everyone was there. The resort had two buffets, one of which was on the beach and that’s where most would eat breakfast, along with three restaurants where dinner would usually be. There were pools scattered across the resort, and the resort was split into three buildings so it was spread out. The ocean was about a five-minute walk, so most of the seniors’ days were spent either at the pool or the ocean. On Tuesday they all went on a catamaran that was about a 40-minute drive from the resort, and went snorkeling and hung out for a few hours. There were 92 people in total that attended the catamaran, so it was a fun way to get everyone in the same spot! On Wednesday night, we did our “white night”, along with the entire resort which basically is a night where everyone wears all white. They ate at a hibachi restaurant on their last night together, and most people left the next morning.  It was a great experience to connect with kids from your class and have fun nearing graduation.