Homecoming Fashion Trends

Homecoming Fashion Trends

Sam Priddy and Amelia Ernzer


At Spring Lake Highschool, Homecoming is the biggest time of year! Whether or not you care about sports or spirit week, you will see almost every student at the Homecoming Dance. 

Though attending the dance may not be hard, figuring out what you’re going to wear is, but look no further, listed below are this year’s most popular Homecoming trends!


Starting off strong with the biggest piece of your look… the dress. Dresses during this time of year are very hard to shop for so it’s good to think ahead and have an idea of what you may be purchased prior. This year you will see a lot of slip dresses, a-line neck dresses, open backs, simple silhouettes, and tight-fitted dresses. Although the style now is mostly simple, most if not all dresses will be covered in glitter. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing a dress, don’t worry because there are so many other options! Pantsuits are super in right now, especially in bold colors like green, hot pink, or purple.

The second most important part of your Homecoming outfit is the shoes. Of course, things like rhinestones or platform heels will always be trending, but let’s be honest, they are so uncomfortable. Nowadays you will see sneakers out on the dance floor, specifically things like hightop Converse and Air Jordans. 

Finishing off we will talk about accessories. Homecoming dresses in themselves are incredibly busy, the best thing you can do for your accessories keeps it simple. Things like dainty necklaces with small charms, jewels, or tiny silver bracelets can all piece together your outfit beautifully and add the finishing touches. 


Homecoming is the most anticipated dance of the year and always has a great turnout! All these trends listed may be what’s most popular, but at the end of the day what you like matters, by mixing pieces of this in you can have a look that expresses yourself and is liked by others.