Don’t Worry Darling – Or Should We?

Dont Worry Darling - Or Should We?

Sam Priddy, Reporter

Many controversies surround Don’t Worry Darling, a 2022 film starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. But is the film even worth the watch?

Don’t Worry Darling is a harrowing film following Jack and Alice, a 1950s couple living in an idyllic town. The film starts with them taking part in the Victory Project – a company led by Frank (played by Chris Pine). However, Alice falls down a dark path when she starts to get suspicious of the company. 

In the perfect town of Victory, nestled deep in the desert, Jack and Alice are approached by a life coach named Frank. He convinces them to join his plan to keep Victory beautiful – the Victory Plan. Eventually, they settle into a new routine with the company. The husbands spend their days inside one of the many Victory Plan Headquarters, while Alice and Frank’s beautiful wife, Shelly, have every need catered to by the company. 

However, the debauchery of Victory slowly becomes undone, leaving Alice to wonder what is really going on in this idyllic town. The cracks in the foundation are obvious, and the audience is left to wonder how far Alice is willing to go to expose the dangers of the town. 

Along with the cast and crew, the visuals in this movie are the best part of the movie by far. From the mirror reflections of Alice cleaning the bathroom, showing the misogynistic atmosphere of Victory- to the sci-fi seeming Victory Dome. The muted colors of the landscape contrasted with the bright, cheery 1950s house designs give the town that perfect uncomfortably perfect air that fits right in with what the director was trying to portray. 

The movie has been described by many as “an audacious, twisted and visually stunning psychological thriller,” but don’t let that distract from the reality that the movie can be hard to follow at times. If you want a relaxing, easy watch, this movie is not the one for you. Deep thinking can be required throughout the movie- but if you’re just watching the movie for the stunning color palette, I don’t blame you. Even with the incredibly talented cast, the pacing can feel choppy in some parts. But, to give it a full chance, watch it and decide for yourself if it’s a good movie or not.

                                            Source: The Lexington Online