School Spirit: Why Isn’t There More?

School Spirit: Why Isnt There More?

Amelia Ernzer, Reporter

School spirit is a crucial part of our community; it helps our student body come together as a team and represents the village of Spring Lake as a whole. In recent years at Spring Lake High School, there’s been a lack of school spirit from the students. This ongoing trend raises the question, why is there less school spirit, and what was the cause of this decrease? 


One possible cause of the decrease in school spirit is the association with the school itself.

Typically school is seen as a negative thing, and although the staff tries to make school fun, it can be tiring. This negative outlook from students could be preventing them from exploring things they might enjoy. Nevertheless, students can change this outlook while at the same time boosting their school spirit and high-school experience. By joining clubs, attending after-school activities, or simply being more involved, students’ chances of finding something they like and look forward to are much more significant.


Another reason for the lack of school spirit that people should consider is the ongoing impact COVID-19 has put on students. Most, if not all, high school students have been affected by the pandemic, many during their most developmental years. Students could not attend school in person or participate in any of the usual activities due to them getting canceled. Another factor to acknowledge is the anxiety this virus has given students. The fear of the pandemic caused people of all ages to isolate themselves for safety. As a result, most students didn’t have the opportunity to participate in school-related activities, making it nearly impossible for them to grasp the concept of school spirit and its importance. 


Isla Engelhard, a freshman here at Spring Lake High School, answered the question as to what she thought was the cause of this decrease in school spirit. Isla replied, “I think with the rise of social media, it’s a lot easier to forget the community you are a part of. It doesn’t help that Spring Lake is a very small town, and it seems old or boring to some people. A lot of people are so absorbed into social media, and watching other people’s lives, that they forget the people surrounding them.”


School spirit takes more than one group of people, and it’s a school-wide effort. If everyone does their part, school spirit will increase drastically, creating a more significant school experience for the entire student body. You can be part of the change in many ways, some as simple as listening to the new episode of the Share Chair Podcast, joining sports, or even attending a club meeting. If you work towards this change, it will motivate others to do the same!